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Mobile Health Seminar: Sustainable Autonomous Things for Health: Design, Development, and Deployment

28 Mar
Tuesday, 03/28/2023 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Computer Science Building, Room 150/151
Speaker: VP Nguyen

Abstract: This talk introduces our curiosity-driven research that explores science and technology to build the next generation of low-cost, low-burden, autonomous, zero-maintenance, long-lived computer systems called Sustainable Autonomous Things (SATs). SATs provide useful functions and real-time decisions to solve real-world problems that have not been well-addressed by traditional computing systems. Designing, developing, and deploying SATs are challenging because they require a rethink of hardware and software design and a carefully planned interdisciplinary approach.  I will present our approach to building low-cost, autonomous, clinical accuracy, and patient-focused SATs for health in the context of motivating applications our lab has worked on: a non-contact human breathing volume monitoring system using wireless signals (WiSpiro) and an ear-based computer for seizure detection and classification (BrainSD). I will then discuss how the experiences gained from building SATs for health can be applied to precision agriculture and aerial monitoring applications. Lastly, I will conclude the talk by sharing the lessons we have learned from deploying SATs at multiple hospitals and farms in Texas and discussing our lab's future research directions. 

Bio: VP Nguyen founded and directs Wireless and Sensor Systems Laboratory (WSSL) at the University of Texas at Arlington, where his team is focusing on building low-power, battery-free, and intelligent cyber-physical systems for smart-health, precision agriculture, 5G/6G communication, and UAV security and privacy. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the University of Colorado Boulder.

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