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ICT Summit Conference 2019: Career & Professional Networking Night

10 Apr
Wednesday, 04/10/2019 5:00pm to 7:00pm
Hadley Room, Campus Center, 10th Floor
Special Event

Meet, network & get information/advice from featured speakers and presenters. 
     Jamal Coleman - Senior FX Artist at Big Huge Games
     Laura Fish - UX Designer and Visioneer
     Kamal Hatami - Lead Artist at Standing Stone Games
     Judah Phillips - President & CTO at SQUARK
     Bruce Rosenbaum - Owner, ModVic Functional Steampunk
     Chris Bent - Founder/CEO at  PICCLES

ICT Summit 2019 Website

The annual Information & Communication Technology Summit is a regional conference that brings together UMass and Five College students and faculty -- and the public -- to explore how Information and Communication Technologies are transforming education, academic disciplines, business, and our everyday lives. 

This year's conference, Life + Tech, will focus on the symbiotic relationship between life and technology.