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HP Tech Talks & Recruiting Event

23 Oct
Friday, 10/23/2015 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Computer Science Building, Room 150 & 151
Career Development

Two HP technologists will be giving 30 min. tech talks. Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to attend. HP Storage has full-time and internship openings in summer 2016.

"Overview of HP Storage" - Sam Fineberg 

Hewlett Packard's Storage Division is a leader in enterprise storage, producing block, file, and object storage products to customers across the world.  In this talk, Dr. Fineberg will introduce the fundamental segments and emerging trends in enterprise storage marketplace, how they are used in businesses today, and how HP is addressing them. 

"Developing Storage Analytics Services like a Start-Up" - Jeff Dutton 

I joined HP almost two years ago with the charter to build an analytics service based on the support data sent home from our storage products.  Our goal is to provide analytics and predictive services to our customers, partners, and also to support, engineering and sales people within HP.  Coming from a start-up background, I knew we needed to leverage the latest technologies, development methodologies, and the speed and agility of a highly empowered and talented development team to be successful. I will share the story about how we built our team, how we built this service, and the lessons we've taken away from the experience.


Speaker Bios 

Sam Fineberg is a Distinguished Technologist in the HP Storage Chief Technologist Office.  Dr. Fineberg has over 25 years of experience in areas including storage, cloud computing, archiving, non-volatile memory, and high-performance computing.  Sam leads cloud and big data technical strategy for HP's multi-billion dollar storage division, driving participation in the OpenStack cloud storage community and storage solutions for big data.

Jeff Dutton is a Master Technologist and Full Stack Software Developer for HP Storage.  Jeff has 20 years of experience developing hardware and software for startups and enterprises in networking, high-availability computing, cloud computing, and big-data analytics.  Jeff is the Lead Architect for cloud-based analytics services for HP Storage products, providing insights to customers, partners, support, engineering, and sales.