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Hampshire Hackathon 2017

14 Apr
Friday, 04/14/2017 5:00pm to Saturday, 04/15/2017 9:00pm
Hampshire College, Robert Crown Center (RCC) Main Room
Special Event

A hackathon, is a type of an event, where students and people in technology come together to write code. With this popular growing trend, almost all the Hackathons today, involve only techie people coming together to make more tech.

But at Hamp Hack, we are doing it different.

We are inviting people from different fields involved with technology, design/fabrication and art to collaborate intensively on developing working prototypes that attempt to solve problems resonating in the world around us. With this event, the aim is to provide students with a platform that gives their unique idea an escape velocity into reality. And build a better environment for interdisciplinary ideas and interdisciplinary thinking.

Last year, we ended up having the most curious minds working on projects such as brain controlled autonomous car, rube goldberg's machine and environment protection apps. These people started with no programming knowledge and now are on their way to becoming start-up CEOs and change-makers in the Pioneer Valley.


Furthermore, we have unlimited food and prizes to win worth $20,000 (including an international trip)!

The event is happening on Apr 14 (Fri) and Apr 15 (Sat), 2017 at Hampshire College, Amherst, MA.

Registration required