Engineering Entrepreneurship: Keys to starting a business in college

15 Nov
Wednesday, 11/15/2017 5:30pm to 7:00pm
Gunness Student Center - Marcus Hall
Career Development

Do you have a great idea that you think you could market?

Do you wonder if it's best to market or license it?

How do you get funding for the next steps?

How do you protect your ideas?

What if you don't have an idea, but you want to work in the start-up space?


Julie Bliss Mullen is the Founder of Aclarity LLC, a startup specializing in developing and commercializing water treatment solutions.

Dr. Akshaya Shanmugam is the CEO and co-founder of Lumme Inc., a government-funded company that develops software platforms to treat addiction by combining wearable devices, machine learning, and behavioral psychology

Nathan Treloar is the COO of Orbita Voice -  The First Enterprise-Grade Platform For Creating And Maintaining Voice-Powered Healthcare Applications.  Nate has worked at Ektron, Ramp, Microsoft and Fast.

Eric Crawley is the current Entrepreneur In Residence in the UMass College of Engineering.  Eric has started two software companies and worked at Rockwell International, Wang Laboratories, Symbolics, Ford Motor Company, Wellfleet Communications, Bay Networks, Juniper Networks, Funk Software, BigBand Networks, and Akamai Technologies in a variety of leadership positions.


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