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Energy-Aware Algorithms For Greening Internet-Scale Distributed Systems Using Renewables

06 Jun
Thursday, 06/06/2019 9:00am to 11:00am
CS 150/151
PhD Thesis Defense
Speaker: Vani Gupta


Internet-scale Distributed Systems (IDSs) are large distributed systems that are comprised of hundreds of thousands of servers located in hundreds of data centers around the world. IDSs consume massive amounts of energy and their energy requirements are projected to increase significantly in the future. With carbon emissions from data centers increasing every year, energy solutions for data centers powered by renewables are critical for the sustainability of data centers and for the environment.

In this talk, I will present research on the use of renewables to reduce brown energy consumption in IDSs. First, I will present optimal and heuristic algorithms for efficiently provisioning solar panels for IDSs. Energy used for cooling the IDS infrastructure is a significant portion of the total energy consumed by IDSs. Therefore, I will present work on the potential benefits of using open air cooling (OAC) to reduce energy usage and capital costs incurred by an IDS for cooling. Thirdly, I will present research on the greening potential of solar energy and Open Air Cooling (OAC) when used in conjunction with each other. OAC is likely to be abundant in colder weather and at night-time. In contrast, solar energy is correlated with sunny weather and day-time. Given their contrasting nature, I will discuss whether synthesizing these two renewable sources of energy can yield complementary benefits and whether it is cost-effective.

Advisors: Prashant Shenoy and Ramesh Sitaraman