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Elliptic Curves

29 Oct
Tuesday, 10/29/2019 2:30pm to 3:30pm
Computer Science, Room 151
Special Event
Speaker: Reinier Broker, Center for Communications Research

Elliptic curves entered the cryptographic scene during the 1980's. In this talk, we will explain the basic theory behind elliptic curves.  Many examples will be given.

Having worked in government, industry and academia, Reinier has applied his mathematical training in a variety of contexts.  After earning a PhD in number theory at Leiden University in The Netherlands, he worked at the Fields Institute in Toronto, Brown University and Microsoft Research beforesettling down at the Center for Communications Research in Princeton, NJ, where he is currently a member of the research staff.

The Cybersecurity Institute will run a Security Speaker Series during the fall semester 2019.

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