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Digital Equity Walk

04 Dec
Wednesday, 12/04/2019 1:30pm to 3:00pm
Computer Science Building, Room 150 & 151
Diversity & Inclusion

The Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education Digital Equity Walk is an interactive 45-90-minute activity featuring visual presentations of data which highlight where access to computer science coursework is inequitable, demographic disparities exist, and how Massachusetts prepares students for opportunities in our technology-centric, knowledge-based economy.

The Digital Equity Walk brings information directly to stakeholders and does not require any prior experience with data. Audience members will explore the data individually before collectively discussing implications and generating solutions. This event raises awareness, increases audience understanding of the issue, generates ideas and inspires action to close the digital equity gap in their school community.

The goal of the Digital Equity Walk is to engage participants in a discussion about the data, to share ideas and propose actions that can be taken to address this challenge and ensure equitable access to computer science for all students.

This event is part of Computer Science Education Week, which also includes a Diversity Open House.

Diversity & Inclusion Host