Database Usability Enhancement in Data Exploration

28 Jul
Friday, 07/28/2017 10:00am to 12:00pm
Computer Science Building, Room 151
Ph.D. Thesis Defense
Speaker: Yue Wang

"Database Usability Enhancement in Data Exploration"

Database usability has become an important research topic over the last decade. Researchers notice that usability is as important as performance and functionality of databases and therefore propose many ideas to enhance the usability of databases. Database usability includes but is not limited to natural language query, query recommendation, database personalization, query by example,  etc. As the emergence of cloud computing and big data analysis, many new usability problems arise in recent years. In this thesis, we study usability in three different phases of using a database system: how to simplify database configuration in the cloud, how to utilize the public big data to facilitate data transformation, and how to efficiently explore big data.

Advisors: Gerome Miklau and Alexandra Meliou