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CS Teaching Discussion: Strategies for Teaching Large Classes

24 Jan
Wednesday, 01/24/2018 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Computer Science Building, CS150/151
Special Event
This new monthly discussion series is for anyone who has wondered how to more effectively manage various aspects of teaching.  This will include how to scale teaching methods to larger classes, inclusive teaching for diverse student populations, and methods to evaluate that students have learned the  material.    For this first event, Ramesh Sitaramann will take 10 minutes to share some of the strategies he has used in teaching CS 311: Algorithms. His informal comments will address how he incorporates active learning in teaching abstract material to students with varied mathematical background in a large class format. Following his remarks will be a large group discussion driven by the questions and ideas of those present.   Attendees should arrive invited to share their own large class teaching strategies, including what has and hasn't worked. Suggestions from the discussion will be made available to those unable to attend via an electronic forum where we hope the discussion will continue (likely in a  slack channel in the UMass CS slack account).   Future CS Teaching Discussion Lunches will be held at noon on 2/7, 3/7, and 4/11. This series is organized by Phillipa Gill and Michelle Trim, with support from CICS. (location will be confirmed)   Hope to see many of you at these sessions. They should be a good chance to share knowledge!