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Being an Ethical, Responsible Software Developer: An Interactive Seminar for Undergrad & Master's Students

03 Nov
Friday, 11/03/2017 4:30pm to 6:00pm
Computer Science Building, Room 150/151
Special Event

An interactive seminar for B.A., B.S., and M.S. students, featuring presentations from corporate executives, who are also distinguished CICS alumni:

Wayne Duso (B.S., '85), General Manager, Amazon Web Services

Rajesh Jha (M.S., '90), Executive Vice President, Microsoft Office Product Group

Steve Vinter (M.S. '83, Ph.D. '85), Executive Coach and Tech Leadership Development Advisor, Google

Space is limited; registration is required.


Are you ready to take your CICS education and go out into the world to create really great software systems?  Are you REALLY ready?  You now know all about data structures, algorithms, software testing, and even a bit about Big Data, semantics, and algorithmic complexity.  So, you are ready to face all of the technical challenges that your new job will throw at you.  But what about the ethical challenges?  Are you ready for them?

For example:    

  • What if your boss pressures you to turn over code that you think it not sufficiently well tested?
  • What if you know that the system you are building is vulnerable to hacks and privacy violations, and nobody seems to care?
  • What if you suspect--or know for sure--that the system you are working on is likely to be used for purposes that you disapprove of?  Or that you know to be downright illegal?

If you think that these kinds of problems are not likely to be yours, or that you will have years and years before you will have to ponder them, then this seminar is definitely for you!

It is quite likely that within the first several months of your UMass graduation you will be put to work writing code for a system that will be deployed in the real world.  While the prospect of doing this may be exhilarating, it should also be sobering. The work you will be doing will matter--really matter, to maybe millions of people.

This is a rare and important opportunity to hear from top-level leaders of major tech companies, and to interact with them on topics that are likely to be critically important as you grow your own career.

This seminar will give you some ideas about how to recognize and ethically discharge the responsibilities that you will assume when you put your software out for the public to use and rely upon.

We encourage all students who are planning to make a career in software system development to attend and participate.  Refreshments will be provided for attendees to enjoy before and during the seminar.