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Adventures of the Forrest Gump of IT: Public Sector with Alumnus Nari Kannan '85

24 Oct
Monday, 10/24/2022 11:30am to 12:30pm
LGRC Makerspace A104
Career Development
Speaker: Nari Kannan

Come meet alumnus Nari Kannan ('85), a Senior Partner Account Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Federal Partners in Washington DC.

Careers in the Public Sector evoke images of bureaucracy and uninteresting work. That would be the wrong impression! For Computer Scientists, the Public Sector, especially US Federal Agencies,offer very challenging and unique Computer Science issues to solve. The scale of the problems is massive and the solutions have the potential to reach and affect millions of peoples' lives.

Nari Kannan graduated with an MS in Computer Science from UMASS with an AI/Natural Language Processing concentration in 1985. Since then he has worked as a software engineer, CTO and VP of Engineering of multiple Silicon Valley software startups. He founded and sold two startup companies of his own before he was recruited by Booz Allen Hamilton to work on several Federal Agency projects (Agencies such as CMS/HHS, Veterans Affairs, US Food and Drug Administration - FDA and FEMA).

In this talk, Nari will narrate some of his interesting experiences in the Public Sector. He will outline several interesting problems that required innovative CS approaches and continues to do so with the recent evolution of the cloud. Currently he is with Amazon Web Services working with Booz Allen Hamilton helping them with more innovative and critical projects. He will talk about Internship and career opportunities with System Integrators like Booz Allen Hamilton that do the bulk of the technical work at these agencies (and how to apply for them). He will also touch upon the various work-life balance aspects of working in such companies!

      Big Tech + Federal Government
      Career advice for international grad students
      Evolution of tech challenges '80s to now
      Leading tech startups