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Undergraduate Peer Advising - FALL 2022

Computer Science Peer Advising

Drop-in PEER ADVISING is in The LGRC (Lederle LowRISE) Room A114

If you are looking for an answer to a quick question, want to know more about what to expect in a course, want to find out about the process for changing your major into Computer Science or adding a CS Minor, see a CS peer advisor. Our Peer Advisors are highly accomplished junior and senior CS majors, some of whom who are double majoring with CS. See bios below!

 Please note that all times are New York/Eastern Time Zone


Monday 10 AM - 2 PM      
Tuesday  10:30 AM - 2 PM      
Wednesday   3 PM - 5 PM      
Thursday  10:30 AM - 2 PM      
Friday  None      

Please note that we follow the UMass Academic Calendar; peer advising is only available on days that class is in session.

For Fall 2022 course registration, we highly recommend that you use our Pre-Registration form, and you can complete that with the assistance of a Peer Advisor during the above drop-in hours.

Informatics Peer Advising 

For questions about the major, the application process, choosing electives, identifying ways to get involved on campus, student organizations related to data science/informatics or general questions about informatics and study abroad, visit one of our fabulous Informatics Peer Advisors. Our peer advisors are accomplished Informatics juniors and seniors who hold drop-in hours during the regular semester.

 Please note that all times are New York/Eastern Time Zone 


Monday None      
Tuesday  3 PM - 5 PM      
Wednesday   5 PM - 6:30 PM (Room A113)      
Thursday  3 PM - 5 PM      
Friday  1:30 PM - 4 PM      

Please note that we follow the UMass Academic Calendar; peer advising is only available on days that class is in session. There will be no peer advising on university holidays and peer advising will follow the university calendar (e.g. when a Wednesday schedule is followed, Wednesday hours will be followed) unless otherwise posted here. 





Sai Rohan Bangari

Hometown: Hometown: Hyderabad, India
Majors/Minor: Computer Science, Minor in Business
Favorite Course at UMass: COMPSCI 345 Practice and Application of Data Management

Internships/Research: In my last internship I was given the opportunity to work for a start up consulting company where I was making websites for local business in Connecticut and helped them build their digital platforms.
Co-Curricular Activities: I am part of the UMass Entrepreneurship Club as a student ambassador trying to promote club activities and conducting events to help startups launch. I am also part of BUILD UMass where I collaborate in making new technologies for startups and student organizations.
Something I love about CICS/UMass Amherst: The culture here is great! I love to meet people from all walks of life. I am fortunate to meet a lot of great people with inspiring stories on what got them here. The group of friends UMass has given me is something I am very grateful for and will cherish for a long time.
Advice for students: Make sure that you enjoy the process of learning something new. Sometimes it can be easier to follow the people around you and take courses with the majority, but feel free to experiment as something might surprise you. Also make sure to have fun in the entire process!



Hometown: Hometown: Milford, MA
Majors/Minor: Double Major in Computer Science and Math/Stats, Minors in English and Business
Favorite Course at UMass: COMPSCI 311 Introduction to Algorithms

Internships/Research: I have participated in two internships, one in Information Technology for a biopharma company, and one in Software Engineering creating a data visualization tool.
Co-Curricular Activities: I am a member of the Data Science Club and the Archery Club.
Something I love about CICS/UMass Amherst: I love all of the opportunities for learning new things, with a lot of support given to pursue different fields of study and interests.
Advice for students: Plan ahead as much as you can and get work done in advance. However, make sure to leave time for enjoying your college years and pursuing non-academic interests.




Hometown: Hometown: Rajkot, India
Majors/Minor: Computer Science, Theater
Favorite Course at UMass: COMPSCI 311

Internships/Research: I've worked with 2 CICS research labs focused on educational technology and promoting ethical education through technology.
Co-Curricular Activities: Within CICS, I'm the Chair of UMass ACM and I love attending ACM Product Management Meetings. Other ACM interest groups include Machine Learning, Advanced Machine Learning, Design, ICPC (Competitive Programming), etc. which I highly encourage everyone to attend! With a few passionate people, I'm trying to kickstart a STARS chapter at CICS to increase participation of all communities within computing. Outside of CICS, I'm on the UMass Debate team, I've performed for UMass Theater and I love attending Sketch 22 shows. I was previously an elected Senator in the UMass Student Government Association and also a co-Chair at FreshCICS. I'm also a Resident Assistant in Southwest!
Something I love about CICS/UMass Amherst: I love how welcoming the community is, and it took me no time to transition into a completely new phase of my life, only because of the people at UMass!
Advice for students: It's always better to make mistakes today rather than tomorrow. Fail early and iterate fast by getting out of your comfort zone. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take!