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Registration for Courses, 2022-23

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UPDATED 3/21/22


CICS Advisors have returned to campus and are here for any questions you may have! We have Zoom and in-person advising options (by appointment). Let us know how we can help! For general questions email cicsadvising@umass.edu.

Registration Process:

Computer Science majors who meet the criteria below will have holds placed on their SPIRE account and will not be able to register for classes until they have met with their assigned advisor.

Whether you have a hold or not, meeting with a Peer Advisor to review course options is an excellent plan. Their page also contains our Pre-Registration Form, which is useful in helping you plan for your Fall 2022 semester.

Holds will be placed in SPIRE if you (any one of these):

- Have a cumulative GPA below 2.7
- Are on Academic Probation
- Are new to the CS Major this semester (this includes transfer students and those who moved to CS from another major)

Other students are welcome to meet with their advisor but are not required to do so. You will all receive information from your advisors about whether you have a hold and what to do.

Other important information:

  • If you have another type of hold on your account please follow the SPIRE instructions to lift your hold. If you need assistance or have questions, your advisor or our front desk can help. Please email cicsadvising@umass.edu.

If you have not heard from your advisor, email them! Their contact information is at the bottom right of your SPIRE student center page.


  • CS Majors assigned to: Fabienne Boisson, Ernie Brooks, Jessica (Jazz) Dautruche, Isaac Goldstein, Casey Hayman, Laura Melbin, or Pamela Stawasz: Look for information in your email about pre-registration advising. You will work with your assigned advisor. 
  • All Informatics Majors assigned to: Ernie Brooks or Jessica (Jazz) Dautruche: Look for information in your email about pre-registration advising.
  • All CICS Exploratory Track Students assigned to Casey Hayman: Look for information in your email about pre-registration advising.
  • Applicants on Contract/Prospective students in other majors: Drop-in when our Peer Advisors have office hours, which you can find here

Fall 2022 REGISTRATION Schedule

Check SPIRE for your Enrollment Appointment date and time. Remember, your "enrollment appointment" refers to the date and time you can sign up for classes in SPIRE. You are responsible for meeting with your advisor before this date.

  Preliminary CS course list available to view on CICS Courses webpage
  CS Advising Period for appointment with advisor for hold release
~ April 4 Fall 2022 Schedule available to view on SPIRE
April 11-12 Seniors register on SPIRE (87 credits and above)
April 14-15 Juniors register on SPIRE (57-86 credits)
April 20-22 Sophomores register on SPIRE (27-56 credits)
April 25-26     Freshmen register on SPIRE (26 credits and below)