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Overrides - For non-computer science graduate students

Overrides for Graduate Students

The Manning College of Information and Computer Sciences allows students who meet the eligibility requirements to be considered for enrollment, subject to available seats.

Specific Information for Graduate Students

  1. Priority is given to CS grads or other departments listed for COMPSCI graduate courses.
  2. Non-CS grads request overrides and will be enrolled if seats become available close to the start of the semester. 
  3. 500-level COMPSCI courses generally have two sections; Lect 01 for Undergraduates, and Lect 02 for graduates.
  4. UWW sections may be requested by non-computer science graduates or non-degree students

Override Request

Students who are not eligible to enroll themselves in COMPSCI courses in SPIRE need to file an override request through the online form.  You will eventually receive confirmation email for each request (unless you submit duplicate requests for the same course).

OVERRIDE FORM - FALL 2023  This form is no longer available.

FAQ:  I can't register on SPIRE because the course is FULL, but I am a CS grad student. Do I request an override?  Eligible students do not request overrides.  You will either enroll directly into the course or put yourself on the SPIRE waitlist, if there are spaces.  If not, then you will need to try again when seats open.

FAQ: I want to register for a UWW grad course but it says I need an enrollment appointment? CS students may request an enrollment appointment through UWW here: https://www.umass.edu/cpe/enroll/enrollment-appointments 

FAQ:  I can't register on SPIRE because I am not a CS grad student and the course is restricted to only this group of students. Do I request an override? Yes. You will not be able to enroll yourself on SPIRE because the course is restricted to CS grads.  Request an override and indicate why you would like to be considered for the course.  Priority will be given to students who have special priority, i.e., Data Science Certificate students, Accelerated Master's in Computer Science students.

FAQ:  I'm an ECE grad student and want to enroll in a UWW section. ECE students are not permitted to be enrolled in UWW graduate courses. Questions about the ECE policy should be referred to the ECE department. 

FAQ:  I'm a Data Science Certificate student with an application on file.  What do I do to register?  Request overrides for the courses you wish to be considered for. Be sure to indicate on each request that you are a "DS Cert Student on file".

FAQ:  I'm a Graduate Exchange Student.  How do I register?  Submit your course requests through the override form. Email Eileen Hamel at ehamel@cs.umass.edu if you have questions.