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Online to Amherst M.S. in Computer Science

The Online to Amherst M.S. in Computer Science is designed for students to start their program with online coursework and complete the remainder of the 30 credits on campus in Amherst. This flexible, hybrid, 30-credit program is equivalent to our top-ranked in person program. This program is ideal for students to begin their coursework while planning a physical move to the Amherst area. This program provides an opportunity to students submitting outstanding applications, but not accepted for our M.S. Amherst program. Courses cover cutting-edge topics like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cybersecurity, and are taught by our award-winning faculty who are experts in their fields.

Ranked #11 in AI by U.S. News & World Report and the #1 public computer science program in New England by CSRankings.org, the program focuses on the skills needed to solve complex problems through computing.


A flexible schedule means that you can fit your education into your busy lifestyle. After satisfactory completion of four courses, you have the option to transfer to our in-person program where you can take courses in-person or a mix of both.


Offering the same academic rigor as our in-person program, the online M.S. in Computer Science will prepare you to take on today’s biggest societal challenges across many disciplines—from technology and finance to healthcare and beyond.


Learn how to apply AI, machine learning, data science, cybersecurity, and other advanced computing to solve real-world societal challenges. By the end of the program, students will have acquired the in-demand skills to accelerate their careers. 

Program at a Glance

per credit   The first four courses are at the UWW rate and the remaining 6 are at the University rate. ( Fall 21/ Spring 22 )  
#20 best grad school for computer science
#11 in AI

About our Program

The Online to Amherst M.S. in Computer Science is a flexible, hybrid master’s program. The program combines the academic rigor and high quality of our in-person degree with the flexibility of an online program, allowing students to fit classes into their busy schedules.

online to Amherst

Courses are started online, then the remainder are in person on the UMass Amherst Campus. Most courses include opportunities for synchronous interaction with faculty.

Begin online, finish in person

 Jumpstart your degree by taking four courses online, then come to campus for face-to-face courses and an in-person campus experience. 

Try a class 

Take up to two online courses before applying to our program. If you later join the program, you can transfer the credits earned towards your degree. 

Career Outlook

Our graduates are sought after by leading graduate schools, cutting-edge start-ups, and industry giants across sectors—from health care and finance to technology and the arts.

90% of M.S. graduates are employed or continuing their education.
Median starting salary: $112,000

Source: College of Information and Computer Sciences Destination Report (Class of 2020) 



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