CS Overrides - Grads

Overrides for Graduate Students

The College of Information and Computer Sciences only allows students who have met the stated prerequisite(s) and who meet the eligibility requirements to be considered for enrollment, subject to available seats.

In general, the override process for Graduate Students is similar to the process for Undergraduate Students.  Refer to this link for general information about SPIRE Enrollment, Priority, Waitlists, and Registration/Schedule Problems: https://www.cics.umass.edu/overrides

Specific Information for Graduate Students

  1. Priority is given to CS Grads for COMPSCI Grad courses.
  2. Priority is given to CS Undergrads for COMPSCI Undergraduate courses.
  3. Non-CS Grads and Undergrads are waitlisted until after CS Grads register.
  4. 500 level COMPSCI courses generally have two sections; Lect 01 for Undergraduates (with set prerequisites), and Lect 02 for Graduates (with set eligibility restrictions).
  5. If you are a TA, remember to login as a student or you will have trouble enrolling.
  6. 701 Master's Project may be requested via the overrides form (See Graduate Program Manager if you have questions).
  7. Independent Study requires paper form (CS Main Office).

Override Request

Students who cannot enroll themselves in COMPSCI courses (for various reasons) will need to file an Override Request through the on-line form.  You will eventually receive confirmation email for each request (unless you submit duplicate requests for the same course).

The online form for Fall 2017 is now closed.


FAQ:  I can't register on SPIRE, but I am a Grad Student. Do I request overrides in the same way? Yes. All students should request overrides via the online form so we know of interest when making waitlist decisions.

FAQ:  When I'm waitlisted for a Grad course, should I just wait for my override to processed to be enrolled in the course?  If the course is FULL and a student drops, then you should try to enroll yourself if you see an open seat on SPIRE.  As long as the course opens again, you should try to enroll yourself if you can.  If the course is set for 'Dept Consent', then you will not be able to enroll and you will be subject to the waitlist decision process.  We handle waitlists in a variety of ways and this may differ from semester to semester.  You will be contacted via email about any decisions about your override requests.