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Projects Launch Careers

Show passion & creativity - build skills


Why Do Projects?

Learn or practice skills  | Build experience for your job search  | Have fun


Types to Consider


Group/Class Projects: Professor-initiated CS projects for groups of students to apply classroom concepts and skills.

Examples: Inside the Box (CS335); Make (CS290M)


Personal Projects: Independent projects that focus on your own skill development and interests.

Example: Create a personal website (example)


Open Source: Community projects where contributors can view and modify code, resolve bugs, or provide documentation.

Example: Enhance Mozilla Firefox Browser


Hackathons: Events where a group of people get together and develop a project in a short period of time.

Example: HackHer413HackUMass

Career Development Tips

  • Use projects to offset limited professional experience, proving the quality of your work while also demonstrating initiative and passion

  • Add projects as a main section on your resume, LinkedIn, and Handshake profiles

  • Market your projects, giving them a memorable name and describing your goal, actions, and results - the application of skills to real world challenges is valuable