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Projects Launch Careers

Show passion & creativity - build skills


Why Do Projects?

Learn or practice skills  | Build experience for your job search  | Have fun


Types to Consider


Personal Projects: Independent projects that focus on your own skill development and interests.

Example: Create a personal website


Open Source: Community projects where contributors can view and modify code, resolve bugs, or provide documentation.

Example: Enhance Mozilla Firefox Browser


Hackathons: Events where a group of people get together and develop a project in a short period of time.

Example: HackUMass


Group/Class Projects: Professor-initiated CS projects for groups of students to apply classroom concepts and skills.

Example: High-Altitude Balloon (HAB) Launch


Career Development Tips

  • Use projects to offset limited professional experience, proving the quality of your work while also demonstrating initiative and passion

  • Add projects as a main section on your resume, LinkedIn, and Handshake profiles

  • Market your projects, giving them a memorable name and describing your goal, actions, and results - the application of skills to real world challenges is valuable


Practice coding, collaborate, and show recruiters your projects

The Basics

GitHub is a website used by developers, teams and companies to host code online.

Git is an open source program used by GitHub for tracking changes in text files.

This tool helps you coordinate with other developers using version control.


Why Use GitHub?

69 million projects hosted | 25 million developers use GitHub | 52% of Fortune 50 companies use it | $0 to get started


GitHub helps you learns skills that are fundamental for software developers, it supports your coding projects, and it allows you to share your work with others.


How to Get Started

  • Sign up with a school email and receive unlimited private repositories: bit.ly/GitPack
  • Follow the GitHub Guide to learn how to create and use a repository, start and manage a branch, make changes and submit commits, and open and merge a pull request


Career Development Tips

  • Do not put reused class projects in public repositories or you are enabling plagiarism (unique projects are ok)
  • Add your GitHub on your resume, either with your contact info at the top or in the projects section so that employers can see your work and skills first-hand
  • Also add your GitHub to your LinkedIn and Handshake profiles
  • Get active contributing to open source projects and sharing your best personal projects by making them public repositories