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Informatics Careers

Endless Possibilities

Whether you are thinking about joining the informatics major, or about to graduate with this interdisciplinary degree, now is a perfect time to explore career options. 

Industry Pathways

Informatics students and alumni have the technical and professional skills needed to succeed in many major industries. 

Tech: From startups to the world's largest tech companies, informatics students bring the ability to innovate and flexible mindset to deal with ambiguity that employers want. Tech is a great option if you enjoyed Web Programming or Practical Applications of Data Management. See Oracle, Viasat, Microsoft.

Financial Services: The ability to code, analyze data, and communicate are essential to leading technology teams in these organizations. Fintech might be a good match if you enjoyed OIM courses such as Business Intelligence and Analytics. See Liberty Mutual, Citizens Bank, Voya.

Healthcare / Life Sciences: Bioinformatics is a buzzword in the industry because data-driven decision making saves lives. Consider this path if you liked Mobile Health Sensing and Monitoring, or Public Health courses. See Optum, IBM, GE Healthcare.

Public Service / Non-Profits: Passion and purpose are the foundation of successful careers and informatics offers many opportunities to do Computing for the Common Good. This option is ideal for student entrepreneurs and socially-minded activists. See Mozilla, Uptrust, RStudio.  Ex: Nasana Bajracharya Piccles Intern (Informatics '19)

Role Options

For many informatics students, what you do is just as important as where you do it. Informatics students qualify for software developer roles just like computer science students but often opt for other specialized occupations.

Analyst: Given the emphasis on data science and extensive coursework in databases, data visualization, and business intelligence, it's no surprise that jobs with an analyst in the title are a common match. See MassMutual's Data Science Development Program. Connect with Edwood Brice, Data Scientist from MassMutual (B.S. Informatics '19). Edwood is interested in how data science can be used to promote the wellbeing of people and the efficiency of the world around us. In his free time, Edwood loves to develop tech ventures that make things easier for people.

Front-end Web Developer: Employers are constantly looking for web design talent and informatics has the coursework and projects you need to create a portfolio. 

UI/UX: Similar to front-end development, user interface/user experience (often abbreviated UI/UX) is the industry terminology for Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Responsibilities often involve research and testing on customer behavior, so knowledge of psychology is a plus. See blog from alumna pursuing graduate studies in HCI. Connect with Sagar Arora (B.S. HCI in Informatics '19) and discover how he uses his Informatics degree as a Product & User Experience Designer.

Digital Marketing & Design: Love to be creative and write? Take what you learned in your marketing and art courses and apply it to social media strategy, game development, and more. See IT Program Summit and Internship Instagram spotlight.

Product & Project Management: Hone your ability to communicate between technical and non-technical people, as well as organize complex projects. Presentation skills from courses such as Data-Driven Storytelling can make you a great technical consultant.

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Build Your Skills

Technical skills popular with informatics students include:

Python - Coding and scripting

INFO 197P / PubHealth 490Z | Google's python class | Invent with Python | Python.org | Coursera 

R - Stats and data analysis

INFO 197R / INFO 248 | The R manuals  | Coursera | Datacamp | R for Data Science

SQL - Databases

Practical Applications of Data Management (COMPSCI 345) | Codecademy | W3schools |EdX | SQLBolt 

Discover how Suzy Balles (B.S. Informatics '18) uses CS 345 and CS 326 in her career as an Experienced Database Administrator: #AMA

Tableau & PowerBI - Data visualization

Data-Driven Storytelling (JOURNAL 397DJ) | Udemy | LinkedIn Tableau 10 essential training | Coursera

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