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Students often ask us how to get an internship. This guide will walk you through the most important steps, whether you are looking for your first or are a grad student seeking a different role. 

But first, let's answer the other most common internship question: Is it too late to get a summer internship?

No. Each of the 3 recruiting seasons has opportunities to find internships with employers. The fall and winter seasons are when most students receive internship interviews and offers, which is why our major career fairs are scheduled in September and February. However, smaller employers tend to recruit closer to the summer when their needs are better known. Don't give up since these efforts will help you with your job search too. Explore Internship Alternatives as May approaches.

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Step 1: Answer "what kind of internship do you want"?

Don't skip this step or it will make the other steps harder! Focus on having a specific and memorable response, knowing that you can and should change your mind. Responses like "anything to get experience" or "something CS-related" are not good enough. 

Bonus points: You're ready to create an elevator pitch!

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Step 2: Create a professional, customizable resume

Everyone can create a 1-pg resume, and if you aren't satisfied with it yet, that's ok! Over time your resume will get better. Everyone is looking for their first internship at some point. What you learn in class as well as the projects you do will give you the knowledge and skills you need to earn the experience. 

Bonus: Turn your resume into a LinkedIn profile.

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Step 3: Start looking for internships

Use Step 1 to come up with a list of your favorite 10 employers who offer internships. Better yet, tell your family and friends your preferences and let them give you ideas. It's more important to find a quality match than to have a long list, so prioritize and iterate.

  • Join the CICS Slack Community and actively check for #hot-internships and #employers
  • Start with our monthly search templates posted by CICS Careers on Slack
  • Attend a recruiting event -- research the employers in advance so you're ready to make a strong first impression

Bonus: Network with alumni on LinkedIn using an informational interviewing.

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Step 4: Prepare for interviews 

You're almost there! Even if you don't have any interviews yet, you want to start practicing. If you a stuck and not getting any interviews, don't panic. Ask CICS Careers for help

Bonus: Compete for the hardest internships using our advanced tech interview prep

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