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Elevator Pitch Practice

Start a conversation

with a confident introduction

Throughout your job search and career, you will find that it's important to be able to succinctly and effectively introduce yourself. This skill is famously referred to as the "elevator pitch" because you should be able to start and end in the time that you typically spend in an elevator (30-60 seconds).

A great elevator pitch is tailored to the situation, well-rehearsed so that it sounds natural, and most importantly, memorable enough to encourage future discussion.

Before you deliver your pitch, consider the following tips:

Step 1: Intro

  • Practice a confident handshake (remember good eye contact and a smile)
  • Share your name (slowly if difficult to pronounce)
  • Let them know your education credentials (major, degree, etc.)

Step 2: Relate

  • Demonstrate that you've researched the company ahead of time (reference news, specific programs, or personal connections)
  • Use a "hook" - something memorable that will focus their attention

Step 3: Skills

  • Pick one of your top, most relevant skills
  • Use the STAR framework (situation, task, action, result) to exemplify your skill
  • Articulate your value - answer "so what?"

Step 4: Ask

  • Tell them what you want (i.e., an interview, internship, job, more info, etc.)
  • Ask them about "next steps" (pay special attention to timing)

A strong elevator pitch is a useful resource, both for your job search and professional development. Keep working to improve it as you gain additional experience.