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Destination Report 2020 F.A.Q.

How can I see more detailed information on the Destination Report?
We have used our discretion to share the most relevant aggregate data on the Class of 2020. We aim to protect the privacy of our students and alumni. For example, we will not distribute the list of all the employers who hired CICS graduates last year (although students have access to this information through Handshake). If you have a suggestion on a useful metric for next year's report, please contact CICS Careers.


Is this Destination Report consistent with the NACE guidelines.
Yes, we have made every effort to follow the First-Destination Survey Standards and Protocols documented by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).


What does 'knowledge rate' mean?
Knowledge rate reflects a collection of data gathering methods including but not limited to surveys. These include: LinkedIn, Graduation Survey, National Student Clearinghouse, direct email or in-person communications with students and alumni.


When was data collected?
October 2019 through ongoing. We plan to finalize the results and publish official outcomes in November, per NACE guidelines.


If you see an error in our reporting, or have other questions, please contact CICS Careers.