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The Application Process

Understand the requirements and timeline



Graduate programs typically have several application requirements, so it's important to create a plan. These requirements could include a personal statement, letters of recommendation, and a transcript. You may also need to submit standardized test scores like the GRE. Your goal should be to submit your application materials early since we all know complex processes with dependencies almost always take longer than expected.



Most agree that the summer before your senior year (or up to a year in advance) is the best time to start working on your grad school application. Needless to say, you can apply in less time. You should always start with the deadlines and work backwards to determine dates for other milestones.

Use existing plans as a starting point and then customize to your needs. We like the suggested timetable for applications worksheet (pg. 14-15) created by CIC. GoGrad also offers a Grad School Application Timeline on their website.

Want help understanding or preparing the application requirements? Working on your plan? CICS Careers is here to support you each step of the way.