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MathWorks Engineering Development Group Internships

MathWorks, a CICS Top Employer, hosted several of our college's students for their Engineering Development Group (EDG) internships during summer 2020.  With support from the teams at Mathworks, students including Eli Nottonson, Dasha Garkavsteva, and Cody Richter took on the responsibility of working remotely with great success.

Eli Nottonson

Eli, a junior majoring in CS, worked on the Editor Tools team to enhance the user experience for clients, specifically with the company's Live Editor feature on MatLab.


Dasha Garkavsteva

Dasha, a senior studying CS and Mathematics, contributed to the APP Designer Team.  She worked with a large and complex codebase, and learned about the entire software development cycle, from writing specs, to developing code, and testing the continuous integration system. 


Cody Richter

Cody, a senior studying CS, worked with the Stateflow team, which was responsible for the development and modeling of finite automata and their interactions with each other.

Eli, Dasha, and Cody each raved about their experiences collaborating with teams to find solutions to challenges with real-world impacts. EDG interns also enjoyed events, games, virtual lunches, and even a hackathon. Dasha particularly liked collaborating with her team in daily standups and design reviews.  Cody appreciated the opportunity to improve his design-thinking and communication skills, while working with his team on sprints.  All three students remarked on being even better prepared to begin a career in software engineering after their summer experiences at Mathworks.  We encourage you to learn about careers at MathWorks and their EDG Program and how this could be a fit for you as a CICS student or graduate.