Getting Started with Handshake

Handshake Makes It Happen!

CICS Students Can Use Handshake To:

  1. Sign up for career events like the career fair.
  2. Apply to jobs/internships from 7,000+ employers.
  3. Request appointments with a career advisor.

Why Sign Up?

Handshake is the ultimate career network and recruiting platform for college students. Handshake helps students find the careers they want.

How to Log In:

1.     If eligible*, you should have received a link via email. If you do not have that email, visit

2.     Click the blue "University of Massachusetts Amherst Current Student Login" button to use your UMass single sign-on (SSO) username and password.

*University of Massachusetts Amherst is currently piloting Handshake. For this fall of 2017 phase, only Computer Science, Engineering, and Social and Behavioral Sciences primary major students, Exploratory Track, and 2017 alumni have been set up with accounts. All other UMass students and alumni may be added as part of a subsequent phase.

Next Step: Fill out your profile

Some of your information will already be in your Handshake profile (SPIRE integration data).

1. Check to be sure all pre-loaded information is correct.

2. Pay especially close attention to your major and GPA.

3. If you find an error in any of your profile data, contact CICS Careers to correct it.

4. Consider uploading a resume to help populate your profile.

Then: Adjust your profile settings

Decide whether to make your profile public or private.

1. A public profile, and most information in the profile, can be seen by any employer on Handshake and by your Career Advisors (there are some Handshake profile components, like GPA, that have their own privacy settings). You can also decide if you'd like your profile to be seen by other UMass Amherst students.

2. If you make your profile private, it can only be seen by you and your school's Career Advisors.

3. You can switch your privacy status at any time, from private to public or from public to private.

Remember: The more information you add to your profile, the easier it will be for employers to find you and to make good decisions about whether or not you might be a good fit for their job postings.


1.     Log in to

2.     Click the blue "University of Massachusetts Amherst Current Student Login" button.

3.     Update your profile.

4.     Start searching for your future career!

Have Questions?

Visit Handshake Help or ask the CICS Careers team!