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CS and other fields

Computer Science and other fields

Some of the most exciting research and professional opportunities arise on the border between Computer Science and other scientific fields. Biology, Environmental Science, and Healthcare are just a few examples of fields in which fundamental computational problems are emerging.

Computer Science can easily be combined with another field of study here at UMass by double majoring, by minoring in CS, or by combining a major in CS with a minor in another field.


Biology is a technology-driven science as it relies on technology for the observation of biological phenomena and the interpretation of data obtained from those observations. The sequencing of the human genome, for example, would not have been possible without computers to process and analyze massive amount of genetic data. Today, genetics and many related sub-fields of biology rely heavily on computational methods. Learn more about Biology and CS

Environmental Science

Monitoring our oceans, forests, farms, rivers, and even our cities is critical to understanding how to preserve our world and make the most of our natural resources. Computer scientists are developing powerful new technologies for sensing the environment and tracking animals, as well as efficiently analyzing the wealth of data these new monitoring technologies produce. Learn more about Environmental Science and CS


Many recent medical advances have relied on aspects of computational science. Image processing and pattern recognition technology are now commonly used to evaluate radiology scans. Electronic medical records and physician ordering systems are now coming on-line, reducing medical errors and improving the quality of care. Learn more about Healthcare and CS


Mathematics and Computer Science are closely-related fields which frequently inform on another. An undergraduate major in CS require substantial mathematical work, and many students have chosen to combine the study of math and CS through a major or minor. Learn more about Mathematics and CS